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Arm / Leg Warmers

Sometimes choosing the right jersey or leg-wear can be difficult when the weather is so uncertain. And at some times of the year, Spring and Autumn, in particular, making the right choice for a long ride can be very tricky. Arm and leg warmers help make the choice a little easier. Giving you the option to cover up when chilly and removing them when, either you, or the temperature picks up or vice versa. Once removed they can be easily stored in rear pockets, or a bag if you use one. Most warmers are made from tight fitting, elastic based fabrics to ensure a good, snug fit and usually incorporate a gripper at the top to keep them in place.

Traditionally designed in black, you can now find many different colours and designs, some with logos and others with your favourite teams branding. Even on a hot summers day, you may find the inclusion of a pair of warmers in your rear pocket a perfect companion as the day cools with the setting sun. Warmers are also ideal for those pre-event warm ups, giving you the option of keeping covered until the time comes to start the race. A good set of warmers can turn your favourite bib-shorts into an excellent pair of bib-tights! .