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Prepare For Victory

We’re all keen cyclists here at that love to race. We’d like to share our thoughts on preparing you for VICTORY in 2018

Everything from training to equipment, check out our information below


When you mention the dreaded ‘turbo’ to any keen cyclist they’d tell you to get out on the road.  Sometimes this isn’t always possible whether you work full time, bad weather, or you do have a life outside of cycling. With the introduction of SMART TRAINERS it’s made a dull boring session a lot more fun and enjoyable being able to link your trainer up to ZWIFT and racing with over 6000 other cyclists what’s not to love!

Generally turbo training sessions are shorter but more intense making it more achievable when you are struggling for time. Check out some of our turbo trainers and accessories below.


Make the most of your weekend rides, whether it be getting out with some cycling mates or a local cycling club it’s important to get a longer ride in when you can. All being well even stop at a cafe. We recommend stopping towards the back end of your ride to increase your endurance. Carrying some food in your pockets, like SIS ENERGY BARS or GELS can keep you going that bit longer as it’s important to eat every hour.

Staying well fuelled is important as is staying warm in colder conditions at this time of year.
Covering up skin using GLOVES, BUFFS or BASE LAYERS can dramatically affect your overall
comfort on longer rides, making it much more enjoyable.

Check out some of the products we recommend for your longer weekend rides.



There are a lot of gains to be had when it come to being AERO, whether it be your HELMET, SHOES or BIKE COMPONENTS doing all these little changes or as Team Sky say ‘marginal gains’ can add up to make a big difference to your overall performance.

Plus is there any better feeling than looking good on the road and having the latest gear? We think not! Check out some of our favourites to help get you aero this season.