Clock Changes and Dark Nights

Have you ever been driving or riding down the road and a dimly lit cyclist ahead of you is only just visible? As a cyclist we should be aware of how we are seen to other road users around us and make ourselves visible and increase our safety, as well as those around us.  Here are some lights and accessories that may help you be a safer road user.

There are differing levels of lights.  Some as a back up light and some to see your way through the forest trails.

The Lezyne Femto is an example of light designed to be seen with and not necessarily to see the road in front of you.  It also acts as a good back up light due to the fact it is none rechargeable, the light will dim to indicate the battery is running out.  These lights are often used when the rechargeable lights have lost power on a long ride as a 'get home' light.

Smart do an inexpensive light that is great to see the road ahead. The Smart 700 lumen rechargeable front light has different settings for the intensity of the light for on and off road use.  The lower settings also conserve battery life, where as full power will give you approximately 2 hours usage.

Moon do a range of led lights that are powerful and light weight.  We at High on Bikes personally use this brand for a commuting to and from work as well as our evening training rides.  The most popular lights we use are the Moon Sheild and Comet for a rear light with the majority of our staff opting for the Moon XP500 for our front light, which comes as a combo pack with the Moon Sheild.

Another useful  feature of many of our lights is the flash mode.  This is highly useful for inner city riding where you wish to grab the other road users attention and be seen.  The flash mode is often on the brightest setting of the light to ensure it is visible in all weather conditions, including low sun, which is most prominent for this time of year.

Moon Shield demonstration - You Tube