An aid to recovery and assistance with minor 'niggles'

Kinesio tape is still seen as a relatively new aid to recovery and injury prevention within sport, yet it has been around for many years.  The tape assists in the bodies function by affecting the fascia of the skin that attaches to the muscle sheath.  This can have different desired affects dependent on how you apply the tape, so understanding your injury or required outcome is important.


The image above shows how when the tape is applied to create space within the fascia of the skin.  This allows for the Lymphatic system to work more efficiently and increase the flow of toxins away from the muscles.  The space is made by creating convolutions in the skin.  The tape is applied with little or no stretch on to the area, whilst the area is under stretch.  Once the body resumes is natural position the tape creates the convolutions or ripples desired.

The tape can also be used to stabalise a joint such as the knee or ankle.  Runners and cyclists often find that due to incorrect position or poor foot placement the knee can become aggravated and inflamed and after amending the initial issue still have minor knee pain due to scar tissue within the muscles. By taping these areas, the muscles can be affected to aid the recovery and loosening of the scar tissue.

pre cut knee

In the hands of a practitioner the tape can be used to aid performance by using the tape to aid in power transfer.  It can also be used within rehabilitation to realign the body so that body can heal in a better position without being kept completely static. It can also be used to aid swelling reduction or bruising as previously performed on our rider, Ryan, pictured below.