Bike Safety

  1. Clock Changes and Dark Nights

    Clock Changes and Dark Nights

    Have you ever been driving or riding down the road and a dimly lit cyclist ahead of you is only just visible? As a cyclist we should be aware of how we are seen to other road users around us and make ourselves visible and increase our safety, as well...
  2. The Racing Season Starts

    The Racing Season Starts

    This weekend, 7-8 March, saw the official start of the road racing calendar with the Eddie Soens race at Aintree Race course and the Pimbo road race promoted by St Helens CRC. In the Eddie Soens, High on Bikes had staff member Ryan flying the team colours on a very...
  3. The "Wonder" of modern Cycling Lights!

    The "Wonder" of modern Cycling Lights!

    Anyone who had the joy of trying to cycle along darkened roads using something like the above lights will surely be feeling quite spoilt at the amazing range of Cycling Lights now on the market.

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