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  • Clock Changes and Dark Nights

    This post was posted in Bike Safety, Cycling, Cycling Accessories, New products

    Have you ever been driving or riding down the road and a dimly lit cyclist ahead of you is only just visible? As a cyclist we should be aware of how we are seen to other road users around us and make ourselves visible and increase our safety, as well as those around us.  Here [...]

  • Simply Saddles

    This post was posted in Cycling, Cycling Accessories, New products

    One aspect of cycling that is often over looked is the sizing of your saddle appropriate to your riding position.  We have previously looked at riding comfort in terms of clothing and chamois creams, but we haven't touched on whether your saddle is correct for you.  Until now!!
    Many brands talk of sizing in width, which is [...]

  • Chamois cream and riding comfort

    This post was posted in Cycling, Cycling Accessories, New products

    Many cyclists suffer from what is known as saddle sore, a chaffing of the skin against clothing fabric whilst riding.  This is commonly felt by new riders who are starting out and are not familiar with the seated position contact points.  It is also common in racing cyclists and long distance riders.
    There are a few reasons why [...]

  • HOB Racing Season Starts on a 'High'

    This post was posted in Cycling, HOB Team, Racing

    High on Bikes riders have been out in all weather over the winter and are already showing that they mean business when it comes to the season ahead.
    Our four main riders are Ryan Pike, John Findlay, Mark McGavock and our newly appointed junior riders Rosie Wright and Charlie Critchley. All have shown that they are [...]

  • What width is best to ride? Road

    This post was posted in Cycling, New products, Racing

    There has been many a discussion at all levels of cycling with regards to tyre width and the optimal compromise between drag, grip and comfort.  The answer is a little more simple on the whole. Ask yourself a simple question of 'how do I ride'?

    If you are racing on the velodrome then you may opt [...]

  • Riding Essentials

    This post was posted in Cycling, New products, Racing

    What should you be carrying on your ride?
    Whatever and where ever you are riding it is important to carry supplies to allow you to cover most eventualities whilst out on your ride. These can be from tools you may need for roadside repairs to food for fuelling you in case you get caught out by [...]

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